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Redirecting the site to my new domain –

To everyone who has been following my wordpress blog, first off thanks for all the support so far. I am now moving the site to my own hosted domain as of today. please join me at where i will be posting all my new work in the coming days. The new site is still a work in progress as I am learning how to make my own site from scratch! any advice will as always be appreciated.

See you in the web!



Siuper Each Day – 17 Feb 2012

Siuper Each Day 1702

Orangeblowfish on the Streets

30 minutes to burn….

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Siuper Each Day – 16 Feb 2012

Siuper Each Day 1602

Siuper Each Day – 15 Feb 2012

This one is dedicated to my printer/scanner as it scans now after a software upgrade but prints wonky after taking a beating….

Siuper Each Day 1502

Siuper Each Day – 14 Feb 2012

Scanner is broken so having to take pictures rather than scan. sorry for the poor quality

siuper each day 1402


Frailty of the Human Heart

This is the first study I did for the New Project I began a week or so ago. It is the first back-lit stencil I did and took ages as the cuts were super small and I needed to be very careful with each cut. I wanted it to represent how fragile the human heart can be, but also that it is the strongest muscle in our bodies and helps us to endure all hardships. This heart is dedicated to the Burnets, may your hearts endure and grow stronger with every beat.




The Mighty Thor Pop-Up Birthday Card

Here is the 3rd in the avengers series of Pop-Up Cards…… drum roll…… the Mighty Thor!!

Thor Pop-up Birthday card

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Siuper Each Day – 13 Feb 2012

Siuper Each Day 1302

Siuper Each Day – 12 Feb 2012

Apology as this is really badly drawn as I spent the best part of the morning filling out the Amazing Race China application form and spent about 10 minutes on this!

siuper each day 1202

Siuper Each Day – 11 Feb 2012

siuper each day 1102

Ironman Pop-Up Birthday Card

Here is the second Avenger.

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Siuper Each Day – 10 Feb 2012

siuper each day 1002

Captain America Pop-Up Birthday Card

Here is my Pop-Up rendition of the one, the only, The First Avenger…… Captain America!!

I wanted to keep it nice and simple with a bit of an art deco feel. only one picture is attached as the light hit the sweet spot and Cap looks AWESOME!!

Captain America Pop-Up Card


Siuper Each Day – 09 Feb 2012

siuper each day 0902

Hitting the Town


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Hulk Pop-Up Birthday Card

I am on a role this week with the pop-up cards!

Here is the Hulk in all his smashing glory. I will most likely do all the original Avengers in the coming days as I have already started Captain America

Popup card, Hulk back, Marvel Comics

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Siuper Each Day – 08 Feb 2012

Siuper Each Day 0802

Spiderman Pop-Up Birthday Card

Been a busy boy today! Love this one as you can display front or backwards.

Email me if you want the stencil for this one to make one for yourself!

Spiderman pop-up birthday card

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Ice-Cream Graffiti

Just did this over in Gubei. it was freezing cold -2 degrees!! Panda by Brand Fury

Ice-Cream Siu Graffiti Tag

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